What is the finest performance you have ever seen from a young sportsperson?

Jordan Spieth showed composure and maturity beyond his tender years as he broke a series of records at Augusta National over the weekend. Which other young athletes have shown as much promise in their fledgling careers?

When Nick Faldo won the Masters back in 1996, he called Augusta National the “most nerve-wracking course in the world”. When Jordan Spieth strode around its glorious greenery this weekend, he looked like a man out for a leisurely afternoon stroll with his dog. Spieth later admitted that he had struggled to sleep on Saturday night but on Sunday afternoon he ambled around the course with an air of relaxed supremacy rarely seen in a competitor so young.

The 21-year-old’s self-assurance and steady perfection turned the most exciting weekend in the sport’s calendar into something approaching an anticlimax. Ben Crenshaw, the two-time Masters champion who has mentored Spieth, says that holding the young man’s gaze is “like looking at Wyatt Earp”. That inscrutability was on show on Sunday evening as he made his way from tee to fairway to green and all the way to the green jacket. As Spieth answered every question the golf course asked of him, viewers looking for some drama had to turn to the battle for second place that was developing between Phil Mickelson, Justin Rose and Rory McIlroy, a trio of grand masters who share 10 majors between them.

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