What happened to MyFootballClub – the club where fans decided everything?

Ebbsfleet United’s takeover by an online community in 2008 made national headlines but the dream quickly turned sour as reality bit and interest waned

The following is an extract from Issue 26 of the Blizzard, which is out now. The Blizzard is a quarterly football journal available from, and non-subscribers can read three free articles from their archive every month.

“Being a passionate football fan I’m pleased I didn’t fuck up a football club. I was always very careful, I didn’t want to do anything too reckless because I know how important football clubs are to people. I was never going to do anything that was going to put that into jeopardy. That was an achievement. It could have been an absolutely monumental car crash and it wasn’t. We didn’t create absolute mayhem, which is what some people predicted.”

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