We fell short this time, but a USA World Cup could send rugby skywards | Will Hooley

Japan’s ascent shows the value of hosting the tournament, and the United States has the potential to do the same

For some of us the 2019 World Cup is already over. From a USA perspective it was not the tournament we had hoped for. A last-ditch defeat against Tonga in the final pool game has left our squad feeling disheartened. Despite all our hard work we weren’t able to deliver our best performances but lessons have been learned and, maybe more importantly, memories created that will last for ever.

It has been an immense privilege to be in Japan and share in a tournament that has already broadened rugby’s horizons. If rugby wants to get anywhere close to the level of football – or soccer if you’re reading this in the States – it’s about making this a worldwide sport that is accessible to everyone. Hopefully the next generation of Asian kids have been suitably inspired.

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