Was Tiger Woods’s Masters win the greatest comeback in sporting history? | Andy Bull

Sport is not short of second comings after adversity – Ali in boxing, Seles in tennis, Lauda in F1, even Hogan in golf – but there is an extra dimension to Woods’s

In the spring of 2014 Tiger Woods was at work on the range around the back of his house, practising his short game like always. Days earlier he had shot a 78 on the final day of the Cadillac Championship, the worst fourth-round score of his life. His back had been spasming but he felt he had to get out and exercise. He stroked a flop shot over a bunker and the minute he had finished the swing he fell down flat on his back, overcome with a pain so severe that he could hardly breathe, let alone get back on his feet. He was out of hearing distance and he did not have his mobile phone on him, so there was nothing he could do but lie there and wait for someone to come.

It was his seven-year-old daughter, Sam, who found him.

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