Warren Gatland ready to ride Wales’ emotional wave for grand slam finale | Andy Bull

Welsh prepare to give everything for everyone as they look to sign off the Six Nations against Ireland with another grand slam

In the end it was the money-men who made Richard Burton give up rugby. The film company put a clause in his contract banning him from skiing, piloting a plane and playing the game he had loved since he was kid, “The inference being,” he wrote, “that it would be all right to wrestle with a Bengal tiger 5,000 miles away, but not to play against, shall we say, Pontypool at home.” But Burton never stopped following the game.

Anthony Hopkins tells a story about the time Burton asked him whether he was going to Cardiff Arms Park that weekend. “I said: ‘Who’s playing?’” Hopkins recalled, and Burton replied: “What do you mean who’s playing? You’re not a true Welshman if you don’t know who’s playing.’”

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