Viv Anderson’s new venture helps retired players adjust to life after football | Simon Burnton

Playon Pro has been created to help former professionals earn a living, make friends and find new opportunities in the difficult years after retirement

In May a team of former professional footballers set off to take part in the Hong Kong Soccer Sevens. All had played in the English top flight, with David James, Des Walker, Phil Babb, Mikaël Silvestre and Colin Hendry among their number.

“I didn’t really know many of them,” says Kevin Gallen, who was a last-minute addition to the squad. “I’d played against some of them, and there were others I had looked up to when I was a young player. The first day we got there we went for a little training, and it was like rolling back six years to when I was playing, training and having a laugh. That’s what I enjoyed mostly about the trip, just having a laugh with the lads.”

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