Virat Kohli’s India will pose England significant white-ball challenge

Batting lineup will be much more threatening than Australians’ and touring side also has interesting selection of spin options

The Vincibles of 2018 have departed. The Australian cricketers have left the country, tails between their legs, and several of them will not be seen here again, especially not in next year’s World Cup when the best Australians will either be fit or reintegrated. They have taken their punishment in the most gentlemanly manner after a little tour that will already be discarded from the memory bank, if indeed it registered at all down under.

They have been replaced by India, who will play three T20 internationals and three ODIs against England over the next fortnight. Then, after the usual upheaval in personnel – on both sides –there will be a five-Test series crammed into 42 days.

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