Usain Bolt circus rumbles into Rio but sprinter shows his serious side too

The Jamaican sprint champion was his usual self in a bizarre press conference, but said he believes the sport is making progress in tackling drug cheats

To the Cicada des Arts, a sprawling cultural complex in Barra, to join the sweaty throng for Usain Bolt’s pre-Olympic press conference. Or, more accurately, 20 minutes of softballing questions from the hundreds of the world’s media, in which the Jamaican sprinter was told “Your way of dealing with the pressure makes Brazilian people want to marry you a little more,” and rapped to by a Norwegian journalist, who also told Bolt he was in love with him.

At the finale Bolt was joined on the stage by scantily clad Samba dancers, who he danced along to in perfect time. His sponsor’s, Puma, had chosen the venue – a large theatre – well.

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