US PGA Championship 2017: final round – live!

The world number one Dustin Johnson never quite got going this week. Or indeed at any point during the major season. But he’s determined to leave some sort of calling card, lest his 2017 mainly be remembered for careering teeth-first down a flight of stairs in the 1930s moving-picture style. He’s just carded his fifth birdie in ten holes: 1, 4, 7, 8 and 10. A bogey at 3, but hey, nobody’s perfect. He’s level par for the tournament all of a sudden. There’s incentive for the players going out later, bunched between level par and -3, to shoot something low early doors and give the leading bunch something to think about.

Here we go, then ... the final round of the final major of the year! It’s delicately poised, and plenty of players will fancy their chances at Quail Hollow, Charlotte, North Carolina. Yesterday proved a tough slog: it was less Moving, more Gently Oscillating Day. But the pin positions are a little bit more accessible today, with a few risk-reward opportunities thrown in. And of course danger lurks along the Green Mile, with the flags at 17 and 18 both tucked next to water. Drama ahoy!

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