US gymnasts lead way in exceptional year for female pioneers of sport | Richard Williams

Women’s sport made giant strides in 2018, never more significantly than in a Michigan courtroom where gymnasts gave evidence against their former coach – a serial abuser

One by one they stepped forward to the microphone, a procession of young women normally seen wearing leotards and beaming smiles. Now, in late January 2018, they were testifying against a coach who had abused them for years on end. Standing together in the trial of Larry Nassar, the female gymnasts of the United States finally had their day in court.

Later in the year a man from Kenya would smash the world marathon record. A trio of British men would make a clean sweep of cycling’s three Grand Tours. A Spaniard and a Briton would each claim a fifth world title, in MotoGP and Formula One, respectively. But they all took second place to those women.

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