UFC and Ronda Rousey had a marriage of convenience. But it was a superb one

Ronda Rousey helped her fellow female fighters gain a foothold in mixed martial arts, while Dana White’s organization raked in huge sums of money

Looking back, Ronda Rousey was done in the UFC when Holly Holm knocked her out at UFC 193. That was 15 November 2015 and in two rounds Rousey went from a whirl of fury and fire who stomped across all-comers to a crushed soul.

It happens this way in fighting, especially in MMA. Once a great champion has been vanquished, it’s hard for them to stand back up. There was a recovery, a promise of future dominance wrapped in virulent torrents of insult and agitation. But when Rousey finally fought again, on the penultimate day of 2016, the lioness was gone. She took a 48-second pounding from Amanda Nunes and stepped out the gate for good.

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