Tyson Fury gives up ‘disgusting’ meat before Wladimir Klitschko rematch

The world heavyweight champion says it helps to get unfit to get fit again and he is in great shape after losing three stone in seven weeks

“People don’t understand how much I have to kill myself in the gym to get the weight down,” says Tyson Fury, wincing at the fresh reminder of three hard sessions a day, most days, since mid-April. “The worst is when you are totally shattered after 12 three-minute rounds, yet you have an hour on the cross-trainer. Sometimes you feel like you’ve been on it for ages, yet the timer only says seven minutes. It’s horrible – the most boring thing in the world.”

Yet so dramatic is the transformation in Fury’s body he could probably reveal all in an infomercial and retire off the profits. He has lost three stone in seven weeks, is noticeably more muscular around the back and shoulders and claims to be far fitter too. And there is another x-factor he believes is helping his preparations for his rematch with Wladimir Klitschko: giving up meat.

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