Tour de France 2019: stage seven – live!

230km to go: No, really. There are 230km to go.

A point to ponder: Ahead of this stage, the riders will have spent 20 minutes or so warming up on their rollers by the team coaches. They’re now engaged in what is ostensibly another 10-kilometre warm-up before the signal to start racing is given. And once that signal is given, the vast majority of the field will find themselves on what is ostensibly yet another warm-up – one that is 200 kilometres in length - before it’s time for them to start getting their ducks in a row ahead of the inevitable sprint finish.

And what do you know? Once that’s done with and the stage is over ... it’s back to the rollers by the team buses for a warm-down!!!!!!! It all seems rather unecessary to me. I suspect Dave Brailsford, Sky and their small margins have an awful lot to answer for - and I don’t mean the kind of questions they fielded so unconvincingly when called before a government select committee.

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