Tottenham suffer capital punishment as West Ham dethrone ‘kings of London’ | Barney Ronay

Manuel Lanzini’s winner means that for the second season running Tottenham’s title dreams have crumbled at the home of a local rival

When a man is tired of London, well, there is probably a fair chance he is a Tottenham fan in early May. On a chilly, noisy night inside the London Stadium Spurs entered this derby game hoping to apply pressure to Chelsea’s shoulder but knowing they could forfeit the league title, too, by losing the game.

And so it came to pass: another boisterous night in May, another wild, fingernail-gnawing London derby defeat. Almost exactly a year ago a wild draw at Chelsea had seen Spurs give up the ghost on last season’s title challenge. Here the only goal of a bitty game decorated with heavy tackles came from Manuel Lanzini after 65 minutes. Defeat means Chelsea can win the title this time next week with victories against Middlesbrough and West Brom. The race has tipped, inexorably, towards Antonio Conte’s side.

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