Tony Adams: ‘Arsène Wenger has total dominance. The board do nothing’

The former England captain discusses his new book reflecting on 20 years sober and how his ‘texting love’ with Arsène Wenger has stopped since his recent criticism of the Frenchman who he doesn’t think can ‘let go’ of Arsenal

“I was married to the club for 23 years so Arsenal are like an ex-wife,” Tony Adams says with a rueful grin as we reach the end of a tumultuous season for him and his beloved Gunners. “Just because she doesn’t want you back, there’s no reason why you don’t still love that woman, that club. I’m 50 – so almost half my life was at Arsenal. I’ve got a bloody statue outside [the Emirates Stadium]. What have they done to me?”

On a beautiful morning in London, in a moment which shows his tangled feelings for Arsenal amid renewed tension between him and Arsène Wenger, Adams laughs. It’s the sound of pride smudged with hurt. As their inspirational captain, Adams led Arsenal to 10 trophies, including four league titles, in three different decades, after joining the club as a schoolboy and playing the last of his 669 games in May 2002. Adams lifted the FA Cup for Arsenal that month and, 15 years on, he shares the elation of another thrilling victory.

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