Toni Duggan: ‘I believe we should be better paid, but not the same as the men’ | Suzanne Wrack

Striker wants better facilities and better crowds for women’s football but does not think England’s Lionesses should earn the same as their male counterparts

On the eve of the World Cup, Toni Duggan is keen to talk about equality. “I don’t want to just start with money – we need pitches, facilities,” the England forward says. “We played at the Wanda [Metropolitano], which was amazing, but then the next week they’re creating a penalty spot 10 minutes before the games start. Equality for me is having a pitch to play on and hot showers in the changing rooms, before we talk about the money we get.”

With the USA women’s national team’s lawsuit, filed in March, against US Soccer alleging “institutionalised gender discrimination” ongoing and calls from Professional Footballers Australia to close the $370m (£292m) gap in the World Cup prize fund, equality is a hot topic.

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