Tim Wiese goes from Bundesliga to WWE: ‘I’ve got trash-talking in my blood’

The uncompromising former Germany goalkeeper who ‘tried to make people hate me’ is preparing for his first WWE fight

‘I don’t really see wrestling as an escape, it’s an alternative to becoming fat and sitting on the couch.” It is difficult to distinguish who is talking: Tim Wiese, the former Germany goalkeeper who went to the 2010 World Cup and played in the Champions League with Werder Bremen, or Tim Wiese, the WWE character getting ready to make his fighting debut on Thursday in Munich.

They seem to be very different people and not only in appearance. Standing 6ft 4in, Wiese weighed about 90kg (14st) as a goalkeeper. “When I stopped playing, at my biggest I weighed 132kg, and I had to have about six to seven thousand calories a day. Every woman enjoys a muscular big type by her side, instead of some weakling. But now I’ve cut that down to about three thousand calories and am down to about 120kg. I want to lose another three or four kilograms so I’m more explosive and more aggressive in the ring, so that I’m unbeatable.”

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