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In today’s Fiver: Ousmane Dembélé, League One Pep talk, an excruciating unveiling and #kingsofthejungle

The Fiver is not known for breaking big stories. The only scoop we’re familiar with is Fatman, the only sources we try to track down are that of the smell coming from our fridge and our only inside info is that the rumours are true that The Man at Fiver Towers definitely likes to t[snip! - Fiver Self-Preservation Team]. But we have a big one for you today: oh it’s a whopper. It’s huge news. The story of the century. We’re here to tell you that Ousmane Dembélé, Borussia Dortmund flyer and youngster du jour, recently changed the biographical section on his social media feeds from reading ‘BVB #7’ to simply ‘#7’. We know. Colossal stuff. The reverberations from this revelation will surely be felt for years to come.

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