‘This will unite right and left’: the Bostonians who want to bring down the Olympics

The city’s mayor says that the bid to host the 2024 Games will not be up for a public vote, but a group of activists are aiming to harness a backlash

On 8 January, the US Olympic Committee announced that Boston had won the opportunity to bid on the 2024 Summer Olympics. The backlash didn’t take long: a week later, the group No Boston Olympics held their first meeting since the news was confirmed. Braving the bitterly cold weather, more than 100 individuals from Boston and surrounding cities congregated at a church in the heart of historic Back Bay.

Some were there to talk. After all, there were no public debates that led up to Boston being awarded the bid. The first official meeting on the matter will be held on 21 January. This would be the first chances nearly anybody would have to make their voice heard. Others were there to listen. Despite the bluntness of the group’s name, not everyone in attendance was against the idea of hosting the Olympics. The NBO meeting was a chance to hear a side that wasn’t purely pro-Olympics.

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