Theo Hernández’s move to Real clouds gentleman’s agreement with Atlético | Michael Butler

Real have broken their ‘non-aggression pact’ with Atlético to sign the teenage left-back for €24m, but is this a one-off or the start of frostier relations in Madrid?

It has been called a number of things over the years: a gentleman’s agreement, an unwritten rule, a non-aggression pact. But since the sale of Santiago Solari from Atlético to Real Madrid in 2000, no first-team regular has moved directly between the two clubs. In a footballing world dominated by obscene money, media manipulation, agents and even transfer bans, there seems little room for honouring tradition these days, but between the Madrid clubs, there does seem to be a special bond. Chairmen and directors of both clubs share a meal before each derby, and often greet each other like old friends. It is hard to imagine the same being true in Manchester or Milan.

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