The street artist behind the greatest banners in world football

Pepe Perretta’s huge tifos have been draped over terraces throughout the world. We visited his studio in Buenos Aires to ask how him he paints his masterpieces

By Copa90, for the Guardian Sport Network

A football match in Argentina is not complete without drumming, melodic horns and papelitos floating through the air but, perhaps most importantly, it is not complete without telones, the banners that represent the fans and act as a flag for their community. Pepe Perretta, one of few artists who has the honour of painting these huge tifos, is a man in high demand.

Perretta began his artistic career by spraying his motorbike helmet but his talents were first spotted by football fans when he when he painted a friend’s portrait on her 15th birthday. She was a Boca Juniors supporter and it wasn’t long before their barras approached Perretta and asked him to create a banner to be unfurled at La Bombonera.

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