The Spin | Travel fails to broaden the mind when it comes to the Hundred

New tournament divides opinion between those with a vested interest and those who fail to see the need for a fourth format

The little cricketing hiatus seems to be over. We can tell that is the case because the admirable and ubiquitous Isa Guha is back on a TV screen somewhere. Just over a week ago she was hosting the Hundred draft at Sky’s studios in the outskirts of London; at the weekend she was in Adelaide where Sri Lanka have just been hammered by 134 runs in a T20 international. Meanwhile, England are in New Zealand, where the intrepid Ali Martin should be landing about now, and under the guidance of Chris Silverwood they are preparing for some white-ball internationals before two Test matches. There will be barely another break in the next 12 months.

Your Spin correspondent (at least for this week) has just had a break, having taken the precaution of one last, easy dash to Europe before the Halloween deadline (an unnecessary one, it seems) in a desperate attempt to refresh the mind. There was Michelangelo’s David, still in the Accademia in Florence, about to slay Goliath but on this occasion I managed to avoid blurting out: “Look, he’s got hands just like Alec Bedser,” which did not go down so well with my travelling companion on a previous visit since we were supposed to be in a rare cricket-free zone. This time I noticed that steely eyed Dave is somehow reminiscent of Sam Underhill lining up an opponent, but I soon sensed this observation was barely appreciated either.

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