The Spin | Suwanji Madanayake, the spinner who wants to play into his 50s

The Sri Lankan cricketer started in 1991 and wants to play on for a few more years, saying clubs ‘need my experience’

The scorecard wormhole starts innocently enough. You are are daydreaming of a match, pull it up and spot a player you didn’t realise was in the team. Curiosity takes over. When did he debut? What did he average? And his great aunt played Test cricket before the war? I wonder what her average was … and, so it goes.

That’s how it went for me last month, on the 90th anniversary of the first Test triple ton - Andy Sandham’s 325 in 1930. Who played in that game? Much to my delight Wilfred Rhodes, in his 58th and final appearance aged 52.

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