The Spin | Rajasthan Royals’ English academy: a glimpse of cricket’s future?

The IPL franchise has branched out into remote Surrey and this is the kind of development English cricket will have to accept as the game continues to evolve

Just a month to go, then, until the beginning of the end. Or the start of the beginning. Or something like that anyway. The last week in October will see English cricket’s inaugural draft, a first bolt of lightning shot through the Hundred’s shell-company teams. Unbidden, unprecedented, not to mention rootless and entirely commercial in nature; the franchises are coming. Not that this is completely new. Look hard enough and they’re already here.

Rewind to early August and down a winding lane, through a patch of woodland, in the middle of a new-build timber hanger a few miles off the A3, Jaydev Unadkat is trying to teach a nervous-looking 13-year-old left-arm seamer how to stop dragging his line down outside leg-stump by lifting his front arm a little higher.

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