The political message hidden on the goalposts at the 1978 World Cup

Have you ever wondered why there were black bands painted around the posts at the World Cup in Argentina? One man went to Buenos Aires to find out

By David Forrest for In Bed With Maradona, of the Guardian Sport Network

For a schoolboy watching the World Cup in 1978, the prospect of Scotland becoming world champions in Argentina couldn’t have seared more if had I been sirloin scorched on the parilla. While I’d never experienced anything like the disappointment of my country failing in their opening game against Peru, equally, I’d never seen anything like the goals installed at the tournament.

The white nets were beautiful but it was the black bands at the base of the posts that were the TV eye-candy. They drew the eye magnetically each time the goals came into camera shot. But why had they been painted on there? I knew this thought would itch until I scratched it.

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