The Match: Tiger Woods & Peyton Manning v Phil Mickelson & Tom Brady – live!

Today’s match has been delayed until at least 3.45pm ET/8.45pm BST due to the inclement weather. It’s absolutely pouring out there. Play on I says; a little rain never hurt anyone. Otherwise the current forecast doesn’t look overly promising for live golf today.

Not sure #TheMatch2 will be starting anytime soon.

‘Member sports? Well between the Bundesliga, something called Fight Island and today’s made-for-TV golf exhibition pitting Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning against Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady, they’re all but back to normal. It’s called The Match, not to be confused with the $9m winner-take-all showdown between Tiger and Phil over Thanksgiving weekend in 2018, which also was called The Match, which come to think of it is about as creative a title as Fight Island. Anyhow, the purpose today is to raise $10m or more for Covid-19 relief efforts, which is something everybody can get behind.

The venue is Medalist Golf Club in Hobe Sound, Florida – which is Woods’ home course – and they’re due to tee off in about 20 minutes. That’s if the weather complies, as a flood warning is in effect until quarter after the hour.

So I’m guessing #TheMatch won’t be teeing off as scheduled. Thanks again, 2020.

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