The Jester smiles at last: Mark Selby steps out from Leicester City’s shadow | Barry Glendenning

Last year’s world title win at the Crucible was overshadowed in the world No1’s home town by the achievements of Claudio Ranieri and co. Not this time around

Few nicknames are more unsuitable than that with which Mark Selby has been saddled for reasons of rhyming convenience. It’s not that the “Jester from Leicester” is not funny, but the image of him prancing about in a harlequin hat festooned with bells is little short of ludicrous.

Polite and likeable, he is a difficult read and when it’s put to him that his win in last year’s world snooker championship was rather overshadowed by his local football team winning the Premier League on the same night, he couldn’t agree more.

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