The IOC must do its duty this time and ban Russia from Winter Olympics | Sean Ingle

No amount of evidence or condemnation has so far had the desired response from a committee which must now take action to avoid a farcical countdown

This time there is no justifiable room for doubt, nor reason to go wobbly. When the International Olympic Committee meets in Lausanne on Tuesday it must ban Russia from the Winter Games in Pyeongchang. The scale of its sporting crimes is outrageous. The evidence is conclusive. Only the appropriate punishment has so far been lacking.

We live in a world where every story seems to be branded as fake news by fools, trolls, and those irreversibly blinded by their prejudices. Yet remarkably, Professor Richard McLaren’s reports into Russian doping, the second of which was published a year ago this week, have not only withstood every smear but have found their truths hardened.

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