The Fiver | Why optimism is as scarce as wins around Sunderland

In today’s Fiver: Moyes Szyslak, Pardiola and Big Cup going global

When the chief executive of Sunderland says that the club’s manager will be given “every possible opportunity to succeed”, as Martin Bain promised on Thursday of Moyes Szyslak, The Fiver can’t help but picture a child in the Sahara being told he can build a snowman any time he fancies. Maybe that’s because Moyes’ first act after taking charge in July was to walk around the Stadium of Light tolling a big relegation bell and most of his utterances since then have been accompanied by a sigh that says “just look at the state of the players I’m trying to work with here” despite, if it is the right word, his recruitment of Papy Djilobodji, Steven Pienaar and Victor Anichebe. Add that sort of morale boosting to a knack list as long as the club’s blooper reel and you can see why optimism is as scarce as wins around Sunderland.

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