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It’s Matchday Tum-te-tum in Group Whatever Dude of Big Cup, and thoughts naturally turn to Manchester City’s fractious relationship with the continent’s biggest tournament. It’s been like this pretty much from the get-go: when City first qualified in 1968, their coach Malcolm Allison announced that “a lot of these foreign people are cowards” and that his team would “attack these people like they’ve never been attacked since the old Real Madrid”. Sure enough, Fenerbahce knocked them out in the first round, instantly turning the whole affair into the biggest metaphor for hubris since Captain Lawrie McMenemy took the Titanic out of Southampton docks in 1912 (subs please check). But say what you like about Big Mal, and the concepts of fate-tempting conceit and spirit-crushing inevitability, at least he went into battle in a positive frame of mind.

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