The Fiver | Using an immortal Scottish swordsman to slay Manchester City

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For the 999th time this season, Liverpool have the joyless task of trying to put pressure on Manchester City by winning a game of football, before having all hope extinguished when City make a crucial match look like a stroll to the off-licence to pick up a six-pack of Purple Tin a couple of days later. You see, Jürgen Klopp’s side face Huddersfield on Friday night with the chance to go two points clear of City, who take on Dwight McNeil +10 on Sunday. And while creatively-challenged types such as The Fiver have struggled to come up with a title-race film analogy better than that of Liverpool playing the role of a clanking Arnie in Terminator 2 gamely trying to get the better of Pep’s super-slick T-1000, Klopp has rewound the clock to 1986 and reminded readers of a certain age of Christopher Lambert’s finest hour.

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