The Fiver | Trying to do something about living in Chelsea’s shadow

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Given Chelsea’s long rivalry with near-neighbours Fulham, there is a certain irony in the fact their future is now imperilled by a cottage, and that their reaction could be described as being craven. The word derives from the middle English “cravant”, or “defeated”, which is the current state of the Premier League giants’ desire to build a shiny enormodome on the site of their current stadium, stymied as they are by the recalcitrant locals. It has since come to mean “cowardly”, which seems less applicable of the club’s plan to deal with the matter by convincing the council to compulsorily acquire all land on which meddlesome neighbours live and lay waste to the lot of it, before building a gigantic new home and an equally unpopular high-level pedestrian walkway wherever they damn well choose.

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