The Fiver | Thousands gambol, cavort, frolic and prance all around Merseyside

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Under normal circumstances, the announcement of the England squad for Russia would be our lead story. But Tranmere have just been promoted back to the Football League, while Liverpool are in the final of Big Cup. So it’s only fair that Evertonians should get the chance to trumpet some good news too. And they finally have some, as thousands gambol, cavort, frolic and prance all around Merseyside, to the tune of A Brand New Day from The Wiz, in celebration of Sam Allardyce’s sacking. Now admittedly England only name a World Cup squad once every four years, while lately Everton have been binning managers at such a lick, they’re in danger of making Mike Walker’s stint look like the era of Harry Catterick. But folk at Goodison have been really suffering for the last five months, give them their moment will you. They deserve this.

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