The Fiver | The most spectacular thing seen in north London since that gilet

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The Fiver doesn’t understand all the fuss about Tottenham’s new megabowl. Yes, one of the stands at the stadium that must not be referred to as White Hart Lane 2 is the most spectacular thing to be seen in north London since Tactics Tim’s gilet. But haven’t the architects mistakenly left out a few crucial features? For starters, how come the people in the front rows are so close to the pitch? Isn’t their view of the game a bit too good? Where’s the running track? Why aren’t there huge gaps between the tiers? Why can’t you see all the scaffolding? How come the stewards know what they’re doing? Why weren’t there away fans in the home end? Why was there an atmosphere? So many questions; enough to leave you feeling that they’ve gone and made a right mess of building a shiny new stadium. And to think they only had to look a few miles east to see how it should be done. Oh Tottenham!

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