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In today’s Fiver: Mr Roy can’t win anything with kids. Perhaps England can

Seven years ago, an experimental Liverpool team featuring 19-year-old Dani Pacheco, 18-year-old Danny Wilson, 19-year-old Nathan Eccleston, 18-year-old Jonjo Shelvey and 18-year-old Tom Ince crashed out of the Milk Cup at home to Northampton Town. At which point their experienced manager would have thrown a protective arm round his young charges, right? “These players have to accept responsibility,” raged the big boss man, 63. “I accept responsibility for changing a lot of players in the team, I did it because I honestly thought the players I put on the field were good enough to win the game and they weren’t. I am just bitterly disappointed that the team I had so much faith in did not repay that faith.” Oh flaky, deceitful, treacherous teenagers! How could you mistreat him so!

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