The Fiver | Summoning the spirits of Popeye, Steptoe and Jon Voight in Anaconda

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“Interesting. Very interesting! Look at his face! Just look at his face!” It may have been a completely different era and set of circumstances, but you could have dubbed that famous Barry Davies commentary of that Franny Lee goal over footage of a triumphant José Mourinho strutting on to the pitch in Turin and it could scarcely have sounded more appropriate. On he marched, cupping a hand to one ear, all the better to goad the capacity Juventus crowd who had been insulting him and his family all night, only to be silenced at the last by Manchester United’s late, late Big Cup winner. Turning to all four corners of the ground, the weird, hitherto unseen, self-satisfied smirk that adorned the Manchester United manager’s face seemed to summon the combined spirits of Popeye the sailor, Albert Steptoe, Jon Voight in Anaconda and the banjo-playing hillbilly from Deliverance. The Fiver genuinely can’t ever remember seeing José this happy before. This is the kind of José with whom The Fiver can get on board.

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