The Fiver | Subjected to Mel Gibson’s assault on the Scottish accent

In today’s Fiver: Euro 2017, Sam Allardyce and plenty more besides

“If I fail to plan, I plan to fail,” The Fiver has never said, so imagine the bafflement when Mark Sampson’s painstaking pre-match regimen for Wednesday’s Auld Enemy clash revealed itself to these jaded eyes. Sampson had a trick up his sleeve for his England players, who are heavily favoured to begin their Euro 2017 campaign with a comfortable win in Utrecht, to jolt them out of any complacency. It was a history lesson, but the kind of history lesson your teacher would put on during lessons five and six on a Friday when they fancied phoning it in. On went the telly, in went the DVD … and the Lionesses could feast their eyes on, among other monolithic moments from times past, a selection of clips from Braveheart.

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