The Fiver | Premier League teams taking their holidays mid-season

In today’s Fiver: Arsenal, Man City and Jamie Redknapp’s powers of divination

Football never stops. Except at the end of this week, when the Premier League ends and the prospect of a long barren summer with no football looms. Well, almost no football … apart from the FA Cup, Big Cup and Big Vase finals, assorted play-off denouements, the Euro Under-21 Championships and the Confederations Cup to take the bare look off an otherwise blank calendar before we get into July, when football more or less starts again and all will be well in the world. So as we brace ourselves for this imminent vacuum, it is imperative that we cherish what little meaningful and competitive football action we have left – specifically the race for fourth place and the prize of a place in Big Cup’s summer preliminaries.

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