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In today’s Fiver: Euro 2016 predictions, pesky champions and much more

If The Fiver wanted a diverse selection of opinions from 24 football experts on the eve of Le Grand Kick-Off in L’Euro 2016, it would just turn around on its stool at The Colourful Barf and revive all the patrons. But French journal L’Equipe fancies itself as a classier sort of organ so it decided to show off today by bringing together top former players from each of the competing nations and pumping them for tips. None of the ex-players came out with a declaration as bold as Kyle Lafferty’s assertion to other hacks that “if I turn up we can beat anyone,” nor an addendum as confusing as the Northern Ireland’s striker’s claim that “I’ve got so much belief it’s unbelievable”. But there was plenty of entertaining big talk, all the same.

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