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In today’s Fiver: Arsenal’s big chat, Pedro Caixinha, Plato and Colombus Crew

Thursday’s riotous Arsenal AGM at the Emirates Stadium, which ended with chairman Sir Henry Chippendale “Chips” Keswick being booed from the stage, wasn’t the first time a member of his family has had an uncomfortable experience at this kind of thing. The Keswick clan’s troubled history with public meetings held at sporting venues goes back to 1941; when Sir Chippendale was a week shy of his first birthday, his dad, Sir William Johnstone “Tony” Keswick, attended a ratepayers’ meeting at Shanghai Racecourse in his position as Shanghai Municipal Council chairman. The meeting turned ugly after a contentious vote, leading to “some minutes of indescribable confusion and rioting” (according to the Associated Press) and Keswick getting shot twice (“only flesh wounds”). So when Chips abandoned this Q&A session because “I think you are getting very angry so there is no point continuing”, perhaps he wasn’t just being pr1ckly – even if one attendee had already accused him of giving the “impression you have had enough of the peasants”.

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