The Fiver | Luis Enrique and the ‘sadness’ of dancing with your own sister

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Frivolous sadness-related similes and metaphors are tough in a time of intense global misery. In many ways, The Fiver would suggest it’s best to avoid them together. It’s probably enough just to say something is sad rather than trying to find something of comparable sadness, especially if the level of sadness you are feeling really isn’t very far up the sadness scale. For example, The Fiver ran out of ketchup while preparing a hot dog the other day, and had no choice but to continue with nothing but mustard. It was, as our empathetic reader will no doubt appreciate, an unhappy situation. I suppose you could say that we were approximately as sad as a dog that can’t find its squeaky ball in the brief period before it is distracted by a squirrel, but unhappy would almost certainly do.

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