The Fiver | Just too much of a perfectionist

In today’s Fiver: England, France, plus Sven booted via the medium of poetry

Gareth Southgate is a very clever person. We know this because he’s called Gareth, and Gareth not only has the very clever eth suffix, but is a name more commonly found in rugby union, which is a sport for very clever persons. Also, Gareth dresses smartly, pronounces his glottal stops, and is kind to journalists and small animals, all sure signs of a bristling intelligence. But, more than anything, Gareth gives an outstanding interview; we can be sure of this because there must be some reason for his appointment as England manager and it was certainly not the overwhelming persuasiveness of his qualifications. The Fiver can only conclude that he can relate anecdotes about when he has shown initiative, is equally comfortable working alone or in a team, sometimes tries to do everything himself, and in general is just too much of a perfectionist.

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