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Many are the reasons that have been offered for Leicester’s fairytale run to the Premier League title in 2016: heartwarming team spirit, a charismatic and quirky manager, the goals of Jamie Vardy, the genius of Riyad Mahrez, a lethal counterattacking style opponents recognised but couldn’t cope with, the reward of carb-heavy pizza in exchange for clean sheets, and the strange inability of each and every one of their major rivals to put them under any kind of pressure. But in the time that has elapsed since Wes Morgan hoisted the Premier League trophy skywards to mark the most fitting of ends to the most implausible of feelgood stories, the significant contribution of one man to Leicester’s triumph has been overlooked. A referee as quick to blow his own horn as he is his own whistle, Mark Clattenburg clearly feels he hasn’t got the credit he deserves for almost singlehandedly winning Leicester City the title and has finally stepped forward to explain how it was him wot won it.

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