The Fiver | Giving a toy to a child and then taking it straight back

In today’s Fiver: José and Juan. Plus Darius Vassell, Bobby Mancini and more

Some people can’t help but be nice. They have a nice face, nice manners, nice attitude and actions, write nice blogs and play football very, very nicely indeed. Like Juan Mata, for example. He’s just nice, isn’t he? He goes to galleries. He takes lovely scenic photos for InstaBook. He signs off blogposts with “hugs”. Even when he tries to be angry, it doesn’t really work. Mata is so nice that he probably didn’t even feel dread at the pit of his stomach when José Mourinho was appointed Manchester United manager. And he would have been fully justified in doing so, given that he’s already been doing his lovely thing and delighting most that watched him at one club, before Mourinho rocked up, decided he didn’t kick people enough and sold him on.

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