The Fiver | Doom, gloom, suffer, roasting, fooled, soft, mistakes and bad

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For a while on Thursday night, if you squinted real hard after draining a couple of glasses of refreshing turps-flavoured isotonic beverage Turps, Scotland looked a little bit like Brazil. Yellow shirts, you see. And also they were winning! But you’ll have quickly sobered up in the second half as Israel, ranked an impressive 94th in the world, showcased their undoubted quality. Oh John! Oh Kieran! Oh Scotland! How could you! “We’re obviously going to get a bit of stick about this,” admitted Alex McLeish after his side’s 2-1 defeat, as part of an analysis which also included the following words: doom, gloom, suffer, roasting, fooled, soft, disappointed, devastated, devastating, mistakes, difficult and bad. Oh Alex!

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