The Fiver | A hot-faced manager in a comical coin-and-coffee maelstrom

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Today marks the 40th anniversary – give or take 11 months and 22 days – of the genesis of the great rivalry between Brighton and Hove Albion and Crystal Palace. It seems to have really, er, crystallised at the end of an FA Cup marathon between the two clubs in December 1976, won by Palace in controversial circumstances at neutral Stamford Bridge. Brighton thought they’d equalised through a Brian Horton penalty, you see, only for the referee to order a retake for encroachment. You know how these things go, and of course the second attempt was missed. At the final whistle, their boss Alan Mullery attempted to engage the whistler in Socratic dialogue, and was showered with coffee by a nearby Palace fan for his trouble. To be fair, the stuff they used to serve up at Chelsea was rank, the nearest place to get a good cup in those days was just outside Paris. But still.

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