The Fiver | A fee that would build more soul-sapping live music venues under the stands

In today’s Fiver: 12-volt electric wire, Daniel Levy getting his £ and more

The transfers are beginning to fly thick and fast now. Arguably the most important deal of the last 24 hours was struck by Aberdeen, who signed Queen’s Celtic jinking genius Gary Garrincha-Mackay-Steven just in time for Thursday’s Big Vase qualifier against Siroki Brijeg. We should have mentioned this yesterday, truth be told, but that’s probably for the best, given that talk of Scottish teams in Big Vase would invariably lead back to the recent humiliation of a certain side in Luxembourg, and we wouldn’t have wanted to harsh anyone’s buzz on a very special day. Anyway, we hope everyone had a good time marching, torching teetering piles of pallets, and playing Roy Orbison deep cuts on piccolo. Meanwhile best of luck to the Dons, and indeed Progrès Niederkorn.

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