The England fans in Croatia trying to watch game behind closed doors

An England fan reveals why he is going to Croatia even though the match is behind closed doors

I booked my trip to Croatia and Spain as soon as the draw was made in January but of course when you’re getting the best deal you can the cheapest flights are also non-refundable. It was six days after the draw that Uefa announced the Croatia game would be played behind closed doors. That caused more than a pregnant pause.

I do remember the incident of the swastika being marked into the grass against Italy but that was in June 2015. With the passage of time the punishment is forgotten and most people assumed Croatia must have played two or three Uefa-sanctioned games in the intervening period. World Cup qualifiers are Fifa-sanctioned, of course, so it does stack up but I’d totally forgotten about that along with many others. I broke out in a cold sweat when reality dawned but we are where we are. I wouldn’t be surprised if more than 100 England fans are going. As many as 500 would seem feasible.

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