The Eagles are playoff bound, the Steelers aren’t | Hunter Felt

Both Pennsylvania teams won in Week 17 but they needed help to make the postseason. The Eagles got it courtesy of the Bears but the Steelers had the misfortune of relying on the Browns

Sometimes, it’s just out of your hands. On Sunday, both the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles needed help to make the NFL playoffs. The Eagles found themselves with at least a chance to repeat last season’s Super Bowl success while the Steelers saw their playoff chances vanish in a single throw.

The Eagles did their part in saving themselves from a potentially brutal Super Bowl hangover season by defeating Washington 24-0, but they still needed the Chicago Bears to beat the Minnesota Vikings to secure the fourth seed in the NFC. Luckily for them, the Bears ended up stifling Kirk Cousins and the Vikings offense, outscoring them 24-10 in a game that felt like a much bigger beatdown. With the win, the No 5 Bears both eliminated the Vikings and kept Philadelphia alive for at least one more game. The two teams will face each other in Chicago on Sunday.

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