The curious case of Tim Cahill: a double-edged acquisition for the A-League | Sam Perry

Marquee players often deliver a promotional sugar hit, sometimes extraordinary performances, but rarely do they offer both

It’s been rapturously greeted by just about every strata of Australian sport: Tim Cahill, the prodigal son, our legend, “our Timmy”, has finally deemed the Australian domestic league worthy of his footballing presence. Whatever it was that the A-League didn’t have in February, it has now. And even you can’t help but read his statements in those monotone, UK-translated voices from bad Champions League magazine shows, he’s saying the right things and we’re very lucky to have him, it seems.

That’s what the relationship balance feels like, anyway. The A-League as the nervous teen, trying to find the right way to look and the right things to say, forever making clumsy overtures to the most attractive person in class. They grew up together but the A-League never felt good enough. Some muscles then appeared and the object of desire faded from the social heights they once straddled. The boy finally, inexplicably, gets the girl. Now what?

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